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Genuine leather has good wear resistance. It is also more resistant to moisture and retains heat.

  • How you should not store a leather bag?

Firstly, it should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to store the leather bag in polyethylene or plastic because the lack of natural moisture and sufficient air has a detrimental impact on the structure of leather fabric. Due to drying, it begins to crack.

  • How to store a handbag?

The best covers for storage will be some fabric bags (preferably made of natural materials), cardboard boxes with small perforations or paper bags. Before you intend to hide the bag to wait for its season, it is recommended to fill its volume with old newspapers or paper to avoid some unwanted deformations of the soft part of the body and creases.

  • Preliminary cleaning of leather accessories

The accessory must be cleaned only with wipes or soft sponges, because some rough brushes and plastic scrapers can cause the irreparable damage to your favorite handbag. It is strictly recommended not to use household chemicals such as acetone, gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, bleaches, etc.

  • Moisture removal from bags

Do not allow your favorite handbag to get wet. If it happens suddenly, the beg should be filled with crumpled newspapers to speed up the absorption of moisture and prevent the product from changing shape after drying. By the way, it is not necessary to accelerate drying process by various heating devices. Natural skin has some porous structure and it can be compressed and thinned during the fast drying that will lead to deterioration of its appearance.

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