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As soon as people became aware of themselves and their life’s actions, they began to wear accessories and decorate their living space. We can recall some decorated caves with drawings of the primitive people and some ornaments in the form of necklace-like ornaments depicting teeth of animals, feathers, flowers, seashells and other improvised materials. Jewelry does not carry an important life burden, except for aesthetic and moral satisfaction, complementarity and harmony. That is, they are not vital attributes, but over the centuries, history has shown that we can’t imagine our lives without jewelry, because otherwise life is not so complete and rich, and sometimes it is even dependent on them.

Nowadays we no longer need to decorate ourselves with feathers. The variety of jewelry is impressive and ranges from simple plastic to very expensive jewelry. And the more expensive the jewelry is, the higher the status of their owners is.

Status jewelry also includes handmade genuine leather jewelry. In everyday life we ​​are surrounded by many leather goods, for example, bags, clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories, which are mainly made of cattle skin. After all, their leather is a strong and durable material that has good protective properties.

The more unusual and refined handmade leather jewelry is, the more it emphasizes the taste and elegance of the owner. These can be jewelry made of genuine leather and stones, leather jewelry in the form of flowers, beautiful leather goods on the neck or arms.

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